We will setup one of the following devices: server, workstation, notebook, or mobile device.

Hourly Rate: $115 for non-managed services clients; $95 for managed services clients 

What's Included

Setup - Services

Install any critical system updates


Create user accounts


Optimize start up and shut down processes and clean up task bar & shortcuts


Remove any unnecessary programs


Test the internet and network connection


Set the default home page and search provider


Install and update the internet security software


Install and configure up to three applications


Configure up to three email accounts for the email application  Setup

Install one hardware device such as a printer or additional RAM  Setup

Terms of Service

· These prices are for drop-off service. For on-site service, please add a one-time trip charge of $35.00 (Lexington metro area).

· Parts are not included in the prices listed.

· To schedule your service, please email or call (859) 904-3065.

· Payment is due upon delivery of service. We accept all major credit cards and checks.

· We will perform these services to your complete satisfaction. If you are not satisfied, you do not pay.

IT Support

Current TrinSoft IT Customers

For immediate help desk support or service, please contact us at:

(859) 904-3065


Contact Us

For more information on our IT services, please contact us at:

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